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  • Arnold. - I was wondering if your product is a one-time only purchase to have the software for life or if it had to be renewed every year.
  • Answer - Equipment Maintenance Control is sold as a one time lifetime purchase. Minor updates are offered free. Check this web site and e-mail us if you see there has been a version change.

  • Linda G. - I own an older version of Equipment Maintenance Control. Is the newest version of Equipment Maintenance Control backward compatible with my data?
  • Answer - Yes,The File structure has remained the same and will automatically configure to version 3.1. When you download the new version it will install to a different default folder than previous versions. There will be no conflict with your present version. (different folders) Backup your Data Daily

  • .Larry G. - Will my data be valid if I register after the 45 day free period?
  • Yes - All data will be accessible, although you will not be able to enter new records until you have purchased and registered Equipment Maintenance Control.

  • Mary H. - Are evaluation applications network enabled?
  • Yes - During the Demo Period (45 days) You may run the program in either Single User or Multi User configuration. When starting Equipment Maintenance Control for the first time you will be given the choice of starting the application either in Single user or network user demo mode. You can switch back back and forth between the two modes by clicking 'Change Demo Mode' from the File Menu

  • Mary H. - How do I set up my workstations?
  • Answer - A network requires a main computer where EMC will reside and workstations that run EMC from the main computer. These computers may be connected using wireless technology or physically wired together. To setup a workstation add an icon on the desktop that points to the location on the main computer where EMC resides. Your users may then run EMC as they would run any other application.

  • Andy W. - How many machines can I safely network.
  • Answer - The above mentioned configuration has been tested with approximately 50 machines and we have knowledge of systems with upwards of 100 machines with the file type used in Equipment Maintenance Control. Keep in mind that the more traffic on the system the more demands on the server, thus more computing power is needed.

  • Chris E. - We have 150 - 200 pcs of equipment. Will your program cover this many units
  • Answer - Yes the file structure will support many thousands of records.

  • Colleen G. - We are looking for software that will track repairs/parts and generate reports.
  • Answer - EMC is a servicing oriented application. It allows you to track, schedule and print reports related to all the services that need to be done on your equipment.

  • Reggie H.In our maintenance shop we will be using an older generation computer (Pentium, 200 mhz speed, 4 GB HD, 128 DRAM) and we need to know if that would be sufficient. What are the system requirements for the program?
  • Answer - Your system can handle Equipment Maintenance Control very well. The application takes about 10 MB of space on your hard drive. The data files are very efficient and use space on an individual record basis that returns space to the system when deleted. For example a file with a 30 data intensive fields with 45,000 records that we use as a benchmark uses about 30MB of space.

  • Kelly R. - I am looking for a user friendly software package that will let me list all of my equipment by the department using it, track repair history, and schedule regular maintenance. Will this program do that?
  • Answer - EMC is a servicing and servicing history program. It keeps an automatically updated due list of all the services that are due on your equipment and allows you to print the list whenever you want the services done. As you update the hours, date of service, or miles on the equipment when services were done, the list is re-updated with any services that have become due as a result of the new data. Scheduling is accomplished by the service interval as set for each piece of equipment. The duelist and the print out that is available allows you to adjust your scheduling (daily, weekly, etc). All the services that have been done are kept on file and can be sorted and viewed or printed out to see the complete history of servicing on your equipment. The equipment list has a category field which will allow you to separate your equipment list by departments and view each department independently of the others. There are memo fields for entry of problems and their remedy for each service and history of services where you can type in the costs involved. Other items, it keeps track of, are the repair problems you have encountered and any warranties on your equipment. Importantly there is also a warning system that will automatically display a red colored icon next to the service entry of any equipment that has consumables and is added to the consumprion warning list that has used more than a specified amount of a product used to add to a service.

  • Shane C. - If I purchase a new computer or have to reformat my machine for any reason will I be able to re-install EMC or does a new copy have to be purchased?
  • Answer - Your copy of EMC is registered to you after purchasing. You may re-install using a backup of the installation program (if you kept it) or you may contact us and we will send you the information needed to get going again at no additional cost. We are not responsible for lost data so do make sure to keep your data files backed up on an independent media source such as a CD.

  • Todd - I attempted to purchased Equipment Maintenance Control through PayPal, but I did not receive a receipt. I have checked with PayPal and they have not charged me for anything and have no record of my purchase. Where to next?
  • Answer - It may be that the credit card information you entered did not match. PayPal processes credit cards the same as all other payment processors. The information you enter on their form must match the information on the billing statement.If you need further assistance contact us at

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