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Setting Up Services
By knowing exactly what is going on with your equipment, you can determine how each piece of equipment needs to be serviced in order to fulfill your goals. This is done initially by creating a list of services for each piece of equipment you have and then monitoring these services. As you add each service to the list of services for a piece of equipment, you will enter information about the service and set some settings for it. This would include a name for the service, how often you want the service done, what interval method will determine when the service should become due for service and several other settings. These methods include 'mileage', for equipment that has an odometer, 'hours' for equipment that has an hour meter, and 'set number of days' for equipment such as stationary floor equipment, shop tools or landscaping equipment that does not have an odometer or an hour meter. Equipment that has services that need consistent attention can have settings that put it on the due list very often. Other services that require less attention can be set to be checked less often.

How The Services Are Kept Up To Date.
When a service is done on a piece of equipment the hours or miles (if applies) are noted and the date when the service was done. When this information is entered the service on the list for that piece of equipment is checked and if there are consumables on a watch list, a check is made to to see if a product was used beyond normal.
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What's On The Due List
The Due List shows the name or number of each piece of equipment that has services due. The due list also has a place for the date and the hours, or miles on the odometer. (See Next Paragraph)

About The Due List Printouts
The option to print out a due list, designed to show what services need to be done and to get the information about the services that were done, makes this program ideal for companies who use one or more service people to take care of the maintenance work. This allows a lead person to monitor what is being done, how it is being done, coordinate the service people, and to customize a maintenance program that conforms to the needs of the company.
The Due List can be printed out whenever needed and is used by the person who will be doing the service. When services are completed, the handout is returned and the new data is entered to a list of services done. The due list is then automatically checked and re-updated


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