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About The History of Services
After you have used 'Equipment Maintenance Control' for awhile, and have established a history of servicing for your equipment, you can click on a menu selection to see the complete history of servicing for all your equipment. This list can be sorted by the headers so that you can see all the services in a variety of ways. This allows you the ability to individually inspect every service on every piece of equipment. The list may be printed so that you can see a single service done on a single piece of equipment such as oil changes or adding oil. Using this information, you can determine if any changes are needed as to how often a service should be done or if mechanical or over consumption problems may be occurring. By noticing how much it takes to keep a reservoir filled each time a service is done, you may discover that something needs mechanical attention before it becomes serious. Also see: About the warning system for automatic notification of over consumption problems.

About The Warning System
There is a also a warning system for services which have a reservoir and could leak. When you put a service on the Warning System it will be monitored and placed on a warning list if there is a possible consumption problem. It is not unusual for a engine to need a quart of oil. There is no cause for alarm. But if it needs a quart of oil everyday, then there may be a problem. (See Next Paragraph)

How The Warning System Settings Can Be Used
In the case described above, the service could have been set for 2 quarts in a service which would place the service on the Warning List when 1 quart of oil. It could also have been set for 3 quarts in a services which would place the service on the Warning List after the third the engine took 3 quarts. In the case of heavy construction equipment which could use a gallon of oil a day with no cause for alarm the setting might be set for 3 gallons in a services. The settings are up to you.

Warranty Information
Warranty Information is maintained in the equipment list and allows you to maintain the expiration date and the warranty type, parts and labor or just parts or labor.

About The Problem List
You may also keep a list of problems you have had with your equipment to locate problems and or their solutions to past problems.
Listings are linked to individual equipments to find out what was done to fix a problem that occurred in the past. In the case of hard to figure out problems these features could save a lot of downtime, and ultimately, money. Recurring problems are easier to locate and document.

Purchase Information

EMC is available, as a FREE - no obligation 45 day evaluation application that may be registered any time during or after the trial period without losing your data, for the low price of $109.00 We have been asked us how we can sell EMC at such a low price. The answer is EMC s gives you all the features you need to maintain your equipment in the best possible way without the bells and whistles of more expensive applications that incorporate features that are better left to presentation and financial applications. When it comes to actual maintenance of your equipment EMC is designed better because it concentrates on your equipment. Whether large or small Equipment Maintenance Control has the potential of helping you eliminate breakdowns that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars every year. Not a bad return on a $109.00 investment.

EMC is now available as a single or multiple user application.

Equipment Maintenance control is downloadable as a "Fully Functional Free " 45 day evaluation. Click on the Download Button to get this valuable software.

Please contact us if you have a specific need relating to the data management or other equipment maintenance needs for your company.

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